Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alarmingly in-between: The post-college era

To blog, or not to blog?

If you're a blogging enthusiast or a [well-marketed] writer under the age of thirty, the answer to the above question may seem obvious. Blogging? Why of course! It's the way of the future, isn't it? So blog away! Blog 'till your heart's content! Blog daily, blog to pass the time, blog because someone out there in cyberspace really, truly cares.

But there's more that comes along with the question: "to blog?" Within the blogosphere, the most successful personas are giving us something that we really want. Even in their most self-centered moments, the bloggers that people want to read do more than chronicle their daily lives and neuroses; they give us bits and pieces of themselves, wrapped up in pretty packages— dated entries. Above all else, these bloggers have definitive voices that keep us wanting more.

I'm still finding my voice. So, the ambitions behind this blog will remain appropriately held-back. This blog is, in essence, a travel blog. Simple as that.

 But, I do hope that it may evolve into something more. Right now, I'm an intern at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I've been here for the past few months, slowly becoming a Steelers fan, learning what 'hoagies' are and training to become a real-life multimedia journalist. I've been working among a team of talented, motivated and caring individuals whose support has been priceless. It was with their encouragement that I decided to begin this blog, which I aim to use as a platform to showcase both video and photography while I'm abroad.

This summer, like I said, I've been living in Pittsburgh. But in a more macro sense, I've been living in "the real world". This is the world that we like to think of as separate from the college world, even though it really isn't. In this 'real world,' we are all trying to find our place amid a maze of financial burden, general confusion, and occasionally, great joy. In turn, many recent graduates feel the same way that I do— alarmingly in-between.

In the life of a recent graduate who has not yet taken a full-time job offer, who isn't married, who hasn't decided 100% on a career path, there are very few 'sure things.' The future seems frighteningly open. It was the infinite space on the time line rolling out before us that compelled the decision to travel. In fact at the time, the choice to plan a trip felt like the only real, practical decision I could make. It was an attempt to control the chaos, to rebel against the unknown. In some ways, the idea worked; in others, it's back fired. But, as is true with so many things, I know there's no turning back now.

I can't say for sure if I'll have a job in a few months, or whether or not the perfect law school will offer Will a spot in their class of 2013. But, I can buy airline tickets and decide to not be afraid. I can accept that there are things in life that I cannot fully plan, and can embrace simply living in the moment.

We have planned a 74-day trip that will take us through New Zealand, Southern China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We will return to China for the final part of our trip, and fly home to New York from Shanghai, China.

I hope that you will join us on our adventure; or, in the Chinese, 我们的旅游.

More on the itinerary, the arrangements to be made, and the bags to be packed, still to come. But now... back to work!

你的 (yours),


  1. Yay! I can't wait to follow all of your adventures through your blog. :-) Great job in your recent Post articles. I am sitting in Diamond with another Colby senior whose grandmother just sent him, via snail-mail, a cut-out copy of one of them from the paper. He said she sent it because it was written by a recent Colby graduate...Needless to say, I didn't have to ask who had written it :)

  2. Lauren! Thanks so much for the comment :) I can't believe you're sitting in Diamond right now, it feels so far away... Sigh. What classes are you taking this semester?? That is too funny.. but I can't say I'm surprised. Pittsburghers love their Post-Gazette. Anyway, I miss you girl, let me know how everything is, and thanks so much for all the nice props :)

  3. Just saw your response. I am taking Yoder's Memory and Politics seminar (and writing a research paper on Sino-Japanese relations! woo! Maybe you can give me some good info and I'll throw ya in the citations haha). Also taking Corrado's American Political Thought, Marketing in America, a '40s film class, and the Oak Fellow seminar. Busy, busy. I'm sure you remember :) Let's catch up. When do you leave? Phone or skype date beforehand, perhaps?

  4. I love to blog - sharing our ideas and experiences especially in visiting places around the world. Good luck to your travels and enjoy meeting new friends along the way and embracing their culture.
    With my experience, my traveling is always derived from my education overseas! Merry Xmas...


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