Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The backyard in St. Heliers & some Thanksgiving lessons

I'm currently awaiting my pecan pie (#2 of 2) to finish up in the oven, so I thought that now would be as good a time as ever to tell you about one of my favorite parts about our new home base.

The St. Heliers backyard

It has a really lovely backyard.


There's a big lawn that provides a great location for the age-old game, "chase the sibling."

The St. Heliers backyard

It's also made for frisbee catching,

The St. Heliers backyard

and frisbee throwing.

The St. Heliers backyard

There's even a trampoline!

The St. Heliers backyard

Finally, a place for Nick to practice for his eventual departure to perform acrobatics at the Barnum & Bailey Circus in Atlanta!

(Important note: Nick has absolutely no intention—as far as I'm aware—of wanting to join the circus).

The St. Heliers backyard

There's (of course) pretty flowers, peaking their heads out to welcome New Zealand's summer season.

The St. Heliers backyard

And perhaps most importantly, there's *this chair.* The perfect spot for a cozy sit with the house kitty, Tigger, and a great vantage point for a camera-wielding girlfriend looking to catch all the action.

It's really a fabulous chair. And I could go on, but there's work to be done! Holly and I are cooking a "real American Thanksgiving dinner" for 30 kiwis tomorrow, and dagnabit it's gonna be spectacular.

As an aside, I have learned a few important things from the cooking experience here so far.

1. Kiwi's do not understand what "big" containers entail. Forget casserole pans that feed 10-15. Instead, you ask for the largest pot they own and they hand you something that we'd probably use in the States to feed pasta to a family of four.

2. "Golden syrup" is corn syrup.*

3. "Corn flour" is corn starch.*

4. You can only find crisco at the "American" store. (The American store—I think it's called "Martha's Corner,"— is really hilarious. It is filled with things like Captain Crunch cereal, pop tarts, candy corn... you know, real food from the USA. What we are all consuming, all the time.)*

5. Kiwis don't really have much of an idea what Thanksgiving is, but they are really excited for this mysterious American party.

Off to the oven. Cheers and a happy Thanksgiving to all!

- Beth

* I would like to state publicly that I would never use corn syrup, corn starch or crisco in my cooking. I'm far too refined. **
** Now I want to make pun about refined sugar... but I will resist the urge. Must... go!


  1. Omg, there was an American store in London too, filled with oreos and goldfish, and jiff peanut butter...hilarious.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. @ Jackie- i love it! kraft macaroni and cheese... the big sellers...


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