Monday, November 8, 2010

In which I lament not starting my career in New Zealand

More tabloid fun, day three

If this isn't some serious, hard-hitting journalism, then I don't know what is.

And if tabloid culture is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
... Just kidding of course! The obsessive tabloid culture here is actually pretty ridiculous—albeit, entertaining.

Full disclosure: the cover of the local newspaper's magazine section today was entitled, "Boobs, Babes & Bets" and included headlines such as, "Why Dirty Dennis has banned Holmesy from a glitzy Kiwi party."

A political party? Or a celebration of sorts? It seriously could be either one.

Speaking of news, how about an update. Today we went kayaking around Okahu Bay near St. Heliers. I charged my pocket camera for the occasion, but at the last second got cold feet and decided that I didn't want to risk getting it wet.

The guy who owns the kayak shop, Ferg, greeted us cheerily at the dock, proudly motioning for us to "Step into my office!" Will and I took the double kayak, Nick and Bill took on their own vessels, and we set off.

It was a really good time. We spent the majority of the morning out on the sea, furiously re-applying sunblock and trying to hit various buoys dead-on with the tips of our boats.

While there are no other photos to share from today, we're sure to have a lot more coming soon. Tomorrow we're headed southeast to Tauranga, which is stop #1 on our three-day trip to explore White Island.

Full disclosure #2: It's going to be smelly, but really, really cool. White Island is home to the only active marine volcano in New Zealand. Plus, the boat ride to the volcano passes through various dolphin and seal colonies, so at least you get to see lots of cute, fuzzy animals before breathing in hours of sulfurous fumes on White Island. **

Tour group at White Island, courtesy of
I'll be sure to document us in the funny tour group hats. Until tomorrow, then!

** As one Jacqueline Dinas pointed out, seals and dolphins are not exactly fuzzy. I have decided to blame the jet lag for the improper use of adjective. 

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  1. Not sure dolphins and seals are fuzzy...but be sure to take pictures, as they are def adorable!


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