Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lake Wanaka & Mt. Roy, killer of butts.

New Zealand has approximately 13 times as many sheep as people, and I think we might have seen them all on our hike up Mt. Roy on Wednesday.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Our day in Wanaka began simply, with some stunning lakeside views.

Lake Wanaka, day 11

We took in our surroundings...

Lake Wanaka, day 11

and the boys skipped rocks.

Lake Wanaka, day 11

Will and I laughed at Nick's Austin Powers impressions,

Flat whites at Lake Wanaka, day 11

and we drank flat whites with breakfast.  Flat whites are a New Zealand invention, somewhere in between a cappucino and a latte— in a word, delicious.

Then we set off to climb Mt. Roy, a long, grueling, uphill hike covered in sheep.

Sheep on Mt. Roy, day 11


Sheep on Mt. Roy, day 11


View from Mt. Roy, day 11

As we climbed higher, the fatigue really began to set in.

Bunny!, day 11

And we scared the bejeezus out of this bunny!

View from Mt. Roy, day 11

But the views alone were worth the pain. And while it was some serious pain, it felt good in a way to do something that was really difficult.

We got about three quarters the way up the mountain before we had to turn back because it began to rain pretty hard. In the end, we probably could have made it to the top anyway, but the view from 3/4 was not bad at all.

Plus, our butts today are probably thanking us. 

We're off to dinner now, but keep an eye out for an entry from Will tomorrow about Queenstown!


  1. I think these are my favorite pictures so far!

  2. This trip, this trip . . . it's now my fave thing to do every day, checking in on you guys. The trip, the blog, the photos . . .

  3. Showed these amazing pictures to maggie and sophie. Maggie is inspired and wants to try herding sheep. I think she might be very good at it until she catches the scent of lunch on the breeze.
    We come crashing back to earth when we remember there are no available sheep in Queens. Oh well.. Please keep these beautiful photos coming. They are the greatest distraction from work ever..


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