Sunday, November 28, 2010

No, but seriously. China = tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're leaving for China. Tomorrow!

Lanterns in Taojin, day 28

I know what you're thinking: but Beth, you just got to New Zealand! It can't possibly be time to leave for China yet. But apparently, 26 days can go by a lot faster than you think.

I will keep this update brief, but some important announcements should not go un-said.

1. Our flight tomorrow morning is at 7 a.m., so we have to be at the Auckland airport by 5 a.m. Adding to the stress about our flights is the fact that we have to change airplane carriers, go through security and customs AND re-check our bags in Sydney. And our layover is only 2 1/2 hours. Shmeh.

2. In China, the "Great Firewall" blocks What does this mean for poor, as a blogger-enabled site? Well, it means that we're going to be publishing a little differently than usual. So, please forgive us if entries have typos, if posts are shorter, or if they are posted by proxy. (My fabulous co-worker, Melissa Tkach, has offered to post entries for us if we can't figure out a way to do it ourselves).

So in summation, please bear with us as we try to figure out how and if we can get around the Great Firewall.

3. I'm really excited to eat Chinese food again! Om nom nom.

4. Our [vague] initial itinerary for the beginning bit of our China tour is as follows:

We're starting in Guangzhou, (very south-east China but still north of Hong Kong) where we'll, among other things [like shopping], try to find Will's grandfather's ancestral village, which is located somewhere outside of Guangzhou.

Then, we'll be taking the train to Nanjing in Jiangsu province, which will be our northern-most destination for the whole trip.

From Nanjing we'll head to Guilin in Guanxi province, where we plan to spend at least a week (probably more) exploring Yangshuo, also known as Chinese paradise.

That's all the plans we have so far, but of course I'll keep you up to date once I know more!

5. Have I mentioned how crazy our airport situation is tomorrow?

We love you all. Thanks for sticking with us as we blogged through New Zealand— it would have been so much less fun without you!

- Beth

PS- Expect an entry from Will very soon with preview information about our China quest!


  1. Will you get to see Chelsea and/or Hanna?

    Travel safe/have fun/keep being awesome.

  2. Kris! Thanks for the comment. We are absolutely going to see Hanna, in fact Nanjing is our second stop. Good call w/ Chelsea though! I forgot she was still in China, I'll have to find out where she is! Hope all is well on your end :)

  3. Chels is in Shenzhen; it might not quite be on the way to Nanjing from where you are, but I don't think it's too far out of the way, either.

  4. Let me know when you'll be here! unfortunately I have lots of midterms this week but I'll be free by Saturday.

    Best of luck finding the ancestral home!


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