Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our first day in St. Heliers

A few entries back in this post, I talked about who was awaiting us in New Zealand, and how Bill, Holly and Maggie Rose were the original reasons that we decided to travel following our graduation from Colby.

Now that I'm actually here, I'm capable of explaining a bit more about our new home for the next 25 days. We're living in St. Heliers, a suburb outside of the city of Auckland with the most amazing view of Rangitoto island.

View from the cliff, day one

Volcanic, dormant and stunning, Rangitoto was my muse for our first day in Auckland. In fact, I had a hard time taking photos of anything else.

View from home, day one

This is the backyard of our new home! While the house itself is wonderful, the hands-down best part is the view. From the porch you can see most of the surrounding area of St. Heliers... and of course, Rangitoto island.

Will & family walking into town, day one

After our arrival on the first day, we loaded up on coffee and explored our new neighborhood.

Kids playing cricket, day one

We saw kids playing cricket of all things.

(Hours later, when I took a nap on the porch, I could still hear these games going on in the distance. Cricket is a crazy sport!)

Tabloid culture, day one

We regarded the tabloid culture on full display.

(As an aside, newspapers here are both popular and profitable, but they're very tabloid-based in terms of content. From a journalistic perspective, they're a bit of a disappointment—but from a general intrigue perspective, they're hilarious).

Will and Maggie on the beach, day one

Will and Maggie Rose looked for shells on the local beach.

rangitoto, day one

But most of all, we just tried to breathe it all in— generally overwhelmed by what we saw.


  1. gorgeous photos, Beth!

  2. Wistful in New YorkNovember 6, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    the blues are mesmerizing....
    can there really be so many brilliant variations of blue in one landscape??


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