Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our first moments in Guangzhou

Can I get a round of applause for modern technology?

Guangzhou market, day 27

Its morning on Dec. 1 in Guangzhou, China and here I am, blogging from my phone while Will sleeps off the jet lag better than I was able to (I've been up for hours).

Based upon the brief time I had online last night, it looks as if we should be able to keep up with 74days.com, without too many interruptions and/or changes. It will take a bit of firewall-finagling, but it appears doable. Hallelujah.

So what else to tell you before I rouse sir William and demand we go eat dumplings for breakfast? Well, we got in last night and after a harrowing taxi ride from the airport (there is no signaling in China, nor are there enforced speed limits or clear norms about 'right of way,' so all the bikes, cars, buses, pedestrians, people on carts, etc sort of converge at random on the streets in a chaotic flow which had me holding my breath in more than one spot) we made it to our new neighborhood, which is somewhere outside of the city center that I haven't figured out yet.

For dinner, we found a side-of-the-road soup shop and ate deliciously spicy noodles in broth with bok choy and an unidentifiable grayish meat that Will said was beef but I just took his word for it. The broth was phenomenal although we learned our lesson about not carrying water with us. (To Jackie, Karl, Adam and Xina, who may be reading this, I did, in fact, 'singe the tip' of my tongue).

I'm so excited for our first real day in Guangzhou so I'm going to go start it! I promise the next post will be more picture-rich than this one!

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  1. AWW!! I am reading! Love you!!

    Also, of course you would notice the driving...

  2. also, SO glad the blog can keep going!!


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