Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quiz answer, musings on Sarah Palin & a brief update

A reminder of the options-

a) We seriously considered buying Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream," in a gas station in Greymouth
b) The second-to-last hostel we stayed in was painted a bright shade of pink.
c) Today we watched the series premiere of Sarah Palin's Alaska and were all positively mesmerized.
d) We have all taken to speaking to each other in faux-kiwi accents.
e) We have also taken to quoting this video, which is absolutely hilarious. "I will hack at your neck with the thin bit!"

The vast majority of you chose c as the answer... Today we watched the series premiere of Sarah Palin's Alaska and were all positively mesmerized.

But the correct answer was b!

Will and Nick at our hostel in Greymouth

The second-to-last hostel we stayed in, Duke Backpackers in Greymouth, was actually painted a bright shade of purple— not pink.

I guess we have some explaining to do about Sarah Palin's Alaska...

Basically, our morbid curiosity got the best of us, and we would up downloading the premiere episode and watching it over dinner in Wanaka. It was a hokey masterpiece, and we made fun of it the entire time.

There were two scenes of the premiere that stood out in my head as the most insane/hilarious.

My first favorite occurred when Sarah and her kids watched a mama grizzly bear take care of her young at some national park. Sarah begins this spiel to her children about how she of course relates to the mama grizzly bear, because the bear is ultimately only concerned with watching out for her own kind and blah blah.  She might as well have been saying "Now kids, the mama grizzly, she'll do anything to take care of her kids... just so long as BIG GOVERNMENT stays out of her way and doesn't raise her taxes!"

The second best part was when she explains to the camera that the plastic gate closing off the upstairs level of her home is not only for her son Trig, who has Down Syndrome, but also acts as a "boy barrier" meant to keep teenage boys out of her daughter Willow's room. Well, that plan worked phenomenally well for Bristol, so we can only hope young Willow follows in her older sisters' footsteps. 

I can't say I will ever watch another episode, but that first one was pretty funny. 

Today we are in Queenstown! We decided to spend an extra day, and I'm definitely going to get an entry up about Wanaka soon, but it may be too late in the States for most of you to read it... so be sure to check back tomorrow!

(Hopefully I didn't lose too many readers with this confession...)

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