Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roadtrippin` on the South Island

View from the plane to Christchurch, day 7 
I jumped out of a plane!!!

... Just kidding, of course. The above photo is a surreal view of the Southern Alps from the safe, cozy interior of our Air New Zealand flight from Auckland to Christchurch.

We spent last night in the "city" of Christchurch, which was mostly uneventful aside from the phenomenal dinner we enjoyed, which we quickly dubbed the 'best-and-most-authentic-chinese-food-we've-had-outside-of-china-and-also-flushing.'

After an all too brief sleep at a local hostel, we set off on our roadtrip this morning.

Cows @ Castle Rock, day 8

People say that the south island of New Zealand is the the north island's more scenic, less developed counterpart. They would be right.

We saw infinitely more livestock on our three-hour drive from Christchurch to the West Coast than we did human beings. And it was all positively gorgeous. Moo!

Driving through Arthur's Pass, full-range mountains on both sides, moving in and out of the drifting fog, we stumbled upon a stop called Castle Rock.

View from Castle Rock, day 8

It was scenic, you might say.

View from Castle Rock, day 8

I climbed up the best I could, taking photographs as I went. But naturally, the boys were a little bit ahead of me.

Nick on Castle Rock, day 8

Nick, of course, was already atop the entire thing before I had passed the first hurdle.

Will on Castle Rock, day 8

Will, on the other hand, stuck by me... at least long enough to pose for a contemplative photo.

Castle Rock, day 8

Finally, we all made it to the top, and some nice Japanese tourists took our picture!

I have more photos of day 1 of the road trip to share, and certainly more stories, but it's getting on in hours over here and tomorrow we leave first thing to go check out a glacier, and I want to be well-rested for what's sure to be a grueling hike.



  1. In New Zealand, do they say "glah-see-er," like the English do, or do they say "glay-sher," like American-skis, or some other unique New Zealand way??

  2. @ Uncle Dave W- They do say "glah-see-er" like the silly British!

  3. That photo of will is EPIC, in the actual sense of the word, not my normal hyperbole...

    Also, I'm glad to see that Flushing made it in there..


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