Thursday, November 4, 2010

Travel-isms from LAX

"Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo."
- Al Gore

Oh yeah. We're looking like champs.

Greetings from the labyrinthine quarters of Los Angeles International Airport, which for some reason is abbreviated "LAX" although the 'X' appears suspiciously unaccounted for. 

Full disclosure: after typing the previous sentence, I looked up the origins of "LAX" online. The notoriously reliable Wikipedia tells me that before the 1930's, airports used simple 2-letter abbreviations. However, as the aviation industry grew, the designations expanded to 3 letters, and "LA" arbitrarily became "LAX." No explanation other than that, although we're free to make up one of our own. There aren't many x words out there so we'll have to get creative.

Will and I are currently waiting out a post-6-hour flight, pre-12-hour flight, 8-hour layover. Did you follow that? Good, because I certainly didn't. Despite the fact that our flight from JFK to Los Angeles went just fine, I'm getting that in-limbo woozy travel feeling. You know, the one where you aren't quite sure what day of the week it is and your body doesn't know if it should be alert or passed out so it tries to do both at the same time?

Full disclosure #2: These feelings may have something to do with the fact that I'm on my third cup of coffee.

While there isn't much exciting news to share from the airport, the best part of the day so far was passing over the illustrious Grand Canyon on our flight from New York. I've never been west of Pittsburgh (within the United States) in my life, and whoa... mountains in the good old American West are massive! I wanted to take my own photo of the spectacular view, but sadly I didn't have a window seat and I'm pretty sure the portly, tatooed gentleman next to me wasn't interested in moving.

C'est la vie. It looked a little something like this-

The world is a beautiful place. And it's about to look even more beautiful. New Zealand, here we come!

Full disclosure #3: ... in 20 hours.


  1. yays! glad you're on your way. safe travels. and stay away from the caffeine sister! :)

  2. Yay! I am sure you passed over the "little Apple"! You finally made it West!

  3. maggie says "thanks for the cookies you left on top of the breadbox" (which was on top of the microwave, which was on top of the counter). "They were a challenge to get and really delicious"

  4. ooh, the east to west coast flight is a doozy. hope you sleep like a rock on the plane!

  5. So sorry I was sleeping at glad you had your itin printed to show Air New Zealand that you had onward tickets to China and back to NY. That was their problem. Glad all worked out. watching you arrival in Auckland.

  6. @ Deb: thanks for the love sis!
    @ Abby: omg we definitely passed over the little Apple, i didn't even realize! will was just saying that we need to do a tour of the American west at some point when we get home... we miss you!
    @ Piper: ... dude... you are not kidding about that flight
    @Paula: no worries! it was literally just that this women who originally tried to check us in was incompetent and told us that our tickets out of new zealand didn't exist. her supervisor came over and straightened it out within moments. it all worked out great!


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