Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Kunming

This week, we're in Kunming, China, the capital of Yunnan Province, located in the country's deep southwest next to its border with Vietnam. The New York Times describes Kunming as "China Lite"— a city notable for less chaos, less pollution, and small pockets of Western influence.

We've been pretty much in agreement with the Times since we arrived, because while Kunming is still somewhat overwhelming and overcrowded (it's pretty impossible to find a Chinese city that isn't), the pace of life here feels definitively slower.

And surrounding Yunnan University here in Kunming, there are Western-style cafes that put to shame all of the Western food we've encountered in China thus far. 

Christmas in Kunming, day 51

"Christmas in Kunming" has a decidedly nice ring to it, and indeed Will and I had a nice, quiet Christmas here in China.

While we fully acknowledged that it wasn't anywhere near as nice as being with our families back home, we were happy that our Christmas day together involved a few creature comforts from the ol' US of A.

Christmas in Kunming, day 51

Root beer floats...

Christmas in Kunming, day 51


Christmas in Kunming, day 51

And a generally festive, if not a bit subdued, time at Prague Cafe in Kunming, the official best place in China (that we've found) to eat food like bread, yogurt and pasta. Yum.

We'll blog again either tomorrow or the next day to show you all the real sights of Kunming (which includes this Uighur restaurant we found where they use a hand-pulled noodle technique that is not to be believed).

Until then, Happy Holidays to everyone back home who we love so much!

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