Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exploring Guangzhou and its markets

On our first day in Guangzhou, we spent most of our time exploring the surrounding area. Also eating way too many dumplings. Emphasis on way too many.

Guangzhou alley, day 27

The area near our hotel is somewhat residential, so it only takes a turn off the main thoroughfare to find alleys upon alleys of neighborhood, most of which look like the one pictured above.

Kids playing with scraps of sewing material, day 27

These two kids were playing with the scraps of sewing material not being used by the women behind them, who I'm guessing are their grandmother and mother, respectively. I ignored my initial instinct to steal the one on the right and instead simply snapped a photo.
 Guangzhou market, day 27

We also saw these guys, smoking and enjoying some fried pork and beers in the afternoon.

Guangzhou market, day 27

As our activity for the day, we took the subway to 上下九路, a pedestrian-only area where vendors sold everything from plastic bags to dried-out fish skins to stuffed bunnies.

(As a sidenote, we also saw Mundungus Fletchers' Chinese counterpart hawking what Will thought were labeled "tiger claws" to a large group of intrigued passerbys). 

Dumpling stand, day 27

We passed many a dumpling stand, including this one where we bought our afternoon stack.

Guangzhou driver awaiting patrons, day 27

And saw rows upon rows of drivers, awaiting patrons on the side of the road. (Most were either sleeping, listening to music, smoking and/or playing cards).

Dinner in Guangzhou, day 27

After a long, long day of walking, there was dinner. Will attempted to order us broccoli, but his iTouch's translation app apparently had the wrong word, which is why our waitress kept asking him "The white kind?" To which he replied, "No, the green kind."

In the end we received cauliflower, and while normally I would have been disappointed, this dish was an absolute triumph— we think it was marinated in chicken broth, garlic and other spices and then stir fried, although we can't be sure. Anyway, the dish completely changed my formerly apathetic notions about the vegetable.

Also I drank tea.

And speaking of caffeinated beverages, it's time to go scrounge up a coffee. Wish me luck!


  1. Great pics as usual! Loving the food oriented ones :)
    PS. Yay dumplings!!!

  2. Drinking Tea and a Harry Potter reference!? LOVE.

    Even though you could have stayed home and done that with me :)

  3. Cool post -- I visited Guangzhou very briefly last year. It's the nearest big city to where my father was born.


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