Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just in time for Hanukkah...

Just in time for Hanukkah, day 28

Everyone's favorite Cantonese delight... "Fried Jew's-ear with celery!" (Will says that the characters actually describe some sort of mushroom dish, but I am reluctant to believe him).

My new best friend, day 28

What else should I tell you about our evening in Guangzhou?

Well, we met this little guy—lets just call him my new best friend— who was running around the establishment eating pieces of pineapple and being generally adorable in his sweater which had little pooh-bear ears attached to the hood.  Important life question: how does one say 'meep' in Chinese?


Our dinner on night 3 in Guangzhou, which was delicious and did not consist of jew ear. We also successfully ordered broccoli, huzzah!

Flowers on the streets of Taojin, day 28

As we enjoyed our dinner on the outdoor patio, these pretty pink flowers fell every so often from a tree above us.

Lanterns in Taojin, day 28

It wasn't quite dinner by candlelight, but dinner by lantern-light was pretty awesome. (Photo of the red lanterns by one Will Price).

Tomorrow we're headed to Taishan to look for Will's roots here in China. A quick google search lets us know that they speak not Mandarin, not Cantonese but "Taishanese" in this region. Pray for us.


  1. I am loving 74days: China, even more than 74days: NZ...the food pictures are great! And so far you have restrained yourself from stealing 2 children!! I'm so proud!

    Also, happy Hanukkah from my keyboard to one halfie's not fried ear!


  2. Missing you during this Festival of Lights.<3 But surprising news in the hunt for Latkas with sour cream and applesause- I think a table may await you...
    31 He Ping Lu, Overseas Village
    seek out the Rozenberg's (Rabbi and Mrs Pnina)


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