Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yangshuo beginnings

As the rain falls outside our Yangshuo hotel room, I can't help but feel grateful for this moment of repose that mother nature has bestowed upon us.

When Will studied abroad in Harbin during his junior year, he had the opportunity after his intensive Chinese program had finished to travel with his mom, and they came here, to Yangshuo. He always said that it was one of his favorite places in China, so I've been really looking forward to our time here.

Yangshuo mountains

The towering mountain ranges that surround the area are truly a sight to behold... but what is perhaps even more welcome to our city-rattled ears is the hushed calm that exists over the town.

As Will and I biked back to our hotel, we stopped for a moment by the Li River and just listened. I think it was the first *quiet* we had heard since we stepped off the plane in Guangzhou.

Nanjing dumpings

While we are really excited to be traveling again, we were definitely sad to leave our fellow Americans behind in Nanjing. On one of our last dinners in the city, we went to a great dumpling spot for baozi and fried noodles with egg and tomato.


Today we traded Nanjing dumplings for those of Yangshuo, but they did not disappoint. (Full disclosure: Yes, I am aware that I hold my chopsticks like a 3-year-old. I can't help it).

Over what felt like a lunchtime bounty (We hadn't eaten anything except cup-of-noodles, chocolate chip cookies and Coca-Cola for the last 24 hours), we talked about how nice it had been to spend time in Nanjing among friends.

In particular, we need to thank Ms. Hanna Pickwell, who was the quintessential terrific host. I can only hope we'll be able to repay the favor to her soon! (I mean, who can resist a place to stay in Pittsburgh??)

But for now, some much-needed rest. I promise tomorrow I'll post again with many more pictures and stories about this beautiful town!


  1. You have inspired me to eat chinese food for lunch today.

  2. Hehe. I eat Chinese food for lunch every day.

  3. Aww shucks! It was so great having you guys, I wish you could stay forever! And I am definitely taking you up on the Pittsburgh offer...


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