About 74 days

The deal:
Two recent college grads head east. Way east.

The [vague] itinerary:
New York →  New Zealand → China → Thailand → Malaysia → Singapore → a bit more China → New York

Time abroad:
74 days... hence the name

Tell me more about Beth:
Originally from Queens, NY, Beth graduated from Colby College in 2010. A government major, Beth was formerly the Editor of The Colby Echo. She spent her summer after graduation as an intern at the The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and hopes to use this time abroad to work on her multimedia portfolio.

Likes: Coffee, politics, the New York Times, cooking, Mad Men, public transportation, New York City, Pittsburgh, blogs and blogging!
Dislikes: Airplane turbulence, excessively high ledges, cilantro, aggressive street vendors, people who stand still on the left-hand side of escalators.

Tell me more about Will:
Hailing from Durham, NC, Will graduated from Colby College in 2010. A philosophy major, Will was also a Chinese minor and was a captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team. Will is an aspiring [environmental] lawyer who is excited to spend some time traveling before starting law school in the fall of 2011. One of Will's goals for the trip is to search for his Grandfather's ancestral village in the Tai Shan region.

Likes: Traveling to new places, Ultimate frisbee, biking, hiking, running, The Lord of the Rings, Chinese food, meditation, a good book.
Dislikes: Eating burgers with a fork and knife, hot pot, and wet socks.

For all inquiries, please contact us at seventyfourdays@gmail.com 

Many thanks:
To our readers, family and friends who see us through every day.
To the NYTimes and Karl Konnoth, whose stunning photographs are featured as buttons on the sidebar of this website.
And to our co-conspirator Melissa Tkach, without whom none of this would be possible.

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